Thursday, April 19, 2007

Masah el kheer

My husband and I are amidst 1300 year old mosques, modren infrastructure, ancient bazaars, huge mlals, mixed with not just Pharonic history but also a mysteriaous Coptic past and military Caliphate history.

Settling into new home - its an adventure! Its a large beautiful apartment which is full of light ad feels happy!

Time value is a concept that is clearly not understood but the peole are very nice.People are similing, passionate, more fashionable than the Europeans and very very argumentative!

Saw the pyramids - they are awesome and breathtaking, though its humbling to know that man created this over 4000 years ago!

Vegetarian food is a quest for Holy Grail, but I am enjoying the chase! Cold weather is remniscent of Delhi- I'm chilled to the bone...but its fun!!

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